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Medication at School

We cannot give medication at school without all of the following: 

  1. All medication, including over-the-counter drugs and inhalers must be prescribed by a physician, osteopathic physician or dentist and left in its original container. Self-administration of medication for students with asthma or other airway disease is allowed under the following guidelines. It is the provider and parent who will decide if the student is capable of carrying and using his/her inhaler. The school must have a written statement from the physician, indicating the need for the inhaler and permission to carry the inhaler at all times. The school must also have a written consent from the parent for the student to carry their inhaler at all times. The inhaler must have a prescription label on the inhaler itself, not the box. Students who fail to comply with the self-administration or abuse the privilege can by law, have the privilege to carry an inhaler revoked. Authorization is reviewed annually. If changes occur in the medication dosage or time of administration, the parent is to notify school officials immediately. Both parental and physician consent forms are located on the school website for your convenience. 
  2. Send only amount needed to take while at school, usually pharmacists will provide an extra bottle when requested. 
  3. A signed permission slip from the parents stating why they are taking the medication and how long they are to receive it must accompany the medication. Consent forms are located on the school website. 
  4. A signed permission slip from the doctor/dentist must accompany the medication even if the student has been on the medication the previous school year. 
  5. Medication that is prescribed 3 times a day or less does not need to be given during the school day. We prefer, if it’s okay with your physician, that this medication be given before school, immediately after school, and at bedtime. 

Medication Authorization Form